ZAND PROPERTY RENTAL SERVICES is a Benidorm based apartment rental enterprise. We are a family business which was established under the name Benidorm Apartments in 1982. We pride ourselves in offering a highly efficient, personalized, friendly and cost effective service to all our customers which have over the years chosen our apartments and services and have returned to us over and over again.

In 1997, we decided to further expand the company under the name ZAND PROPERTY RENTAL SERVICES. The main reason was to use our experience and established customer base to;

  • provide a third party service for property owners who wish to rent out their property through a reliable agency
  • Relieve the pressure from our own properties which at some points are subjected to waiting lists
  • guaranteeing higher customer satisfaction by increasing our range of accommodations

We are committed to offering a very attractive deal to property owners who wish to enter into a service agreement with us and are willing to provide references from our client base whom currently, and in the past, have received our services.

We offer our property rental management and administration services in;

  1. Controlled promotion of our rental properties
  2. Rent collection
  3. Regular statements
  4. Full maintenance and repairs

We believe our success to date has been based on the following two main factors;

  • provision of good standard accommodation and an equally high standard of complimentary services
  • reasonable prices

Our main objective is to promote Costa Blanca through the provision of quality services, making your holiday an event to be remembered and repeated.

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